Here are the questions we’re are most frequently asked.

How can I get verified and level up to Gold?

It’s easy.

1. Create an account with Facebook

2. Become a Gold member

3. Install Yoti, the “digital ID card” app, which is free for Android and iPhone

4. Log on to your DateID account with Facebook

5. Go to your Profile Settings

6. Click on the selfie icon and follow the promps to connect Yoti

7. You’ll be awarded a gold shield and your profile will show an ID card icon. You age will also be shown as verified.

verified DateID profile

How do I screen my date on DateID?

Always screen your date on DateID before actually meeting in person (rest assured that your searches are completely private and no one will know you searched for them).

If your prospective date is already a DateID member, just ask for their username.

 If not, search for them by name, social media handle, email address or phone number. If the name is common, you may need to use Advanced Search to narrow down the results by location and/or age range.

DateID shows you a preview of what it can find. Once you click through, DateID does an extensive web search.

In this example we’ll search for celebrity Jay Shetty. Three results come up, and I want the first one.

Jay Shetty search results

Once I click through, DateID does an extensive web search.


The final results depend on the person’s digital footprint and may include age, location, workplace, education and more. We also give you every major social media site. I recommend visiting every social profile as part of your screening process.

We also run deep, localized searches on Google that may turn up additional information and photos you cannot find on your own.

And finally, just to be safe, we check the sex offender registry. Because sex offenders are known to target dating app users.

Once the search is complete we show you what we found, as blue icons. When icons are gray, it means we searched but didn’t find anything.

DateID background check results modal

Here’s how the final screening profile looks.

Jay Shetty background check profile

How do I share my DateID profile?

Most DateID members simply share the link to their profile and/or their DateID username.

You can copy the link and then send it via text, email or right on a dating app.

Share dateid profile
How can I verify my photos?

Photos uploaded to DateID will have the date the photo was originally taken prominently displayed, provided that the photo has IPTC metadata attached. A logo watermark is added to photos that have been verified, and users can download them for use on dating apps.

verified dating app photoA verified photo as seen on a phone.

Users who have verified their photos also receive a badge on their profile, alongside other DateID verifications they’ve completed, including location, age and identity.

verified DateID profileAge, location, identity and photo verifications as seen on a phone.


Date Better with DateID

First dates can already be a challenge, and the last thing you need is to worry about whether you’re going to be in for a surprise. With the addition of photos to DateID’s already robust suite of verifications, digital daters can be confident that they won’t be the victim of the most common pitfall  in online dating.

How can I verify my location?

Go to your homepage or profile page and click on the location icon, and follow the prompts.

If you’re having trouble, the most common causes are that you’ve entered your location in an unrecogzied format, or that you’re on-the-go.

Here are some quick fixes that may help you verify your location.

1. Try a different device (phone vs computer)

2. Try being both connected to and disconnected from WiFi

3. Try different formats for how you enter your location (you may need to change the abbreviation or the order)

If that does not work, please contact us. Please answer the following questions, as we need this to troubleshoot your situation.

1. What’s your DateID username or profile link? Or what’s the email address associated with your Facebook account?

2. What country, state/province and city are you currently in?

3. What format are you using to enter your location?

4. What device are you using? Phone or computer?

5. Are you connected to WiFi when location verification is failing?

Can you send me a physical ID card?
We don’t offer physical ID cards. We believe that in this day and age being fully digital makes the most sense. We would also have to charge money for physical ID cards.
Most DateID members simply share the link to their profile and/or their DateID username. If you encounter anyone who does not accept your DateID profile as a valid form of ID verification, they are most likely scamming you.
I am a a member. Why is there someone else with my name and info who isn't me?

DateID has hundreds of millions of records, internationally. Most of them are not actual DateID members. If you have a common name, there will potentially be dozens of profiles with your name.

If you are already a member, and you’ve found non-member profile that appears to be you, you can “claim” the profile. Here’s how:

  1. View the full profile, like you’re screening someone (your first 3 are free so you should not have to pay. If you’re out of freebies it will be $0.99).
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click the button that says “claim this profile”. Here’s how it looks.

claim DateID profile button

It will only work if your Facebook account ID is the same as the Facebook account ID attached to the non-member profile. Otherwise, anyone could claim anyone’s profile. If the two match, your member profile will be merged with the non-member profile.