How to Share Your ID

Prove you're verified via chat, text, email or right on a dating app

How to Share Your ID

Show you're verified via chat, text, email or right on a dating app

You might already have someone asking you for an ID. If that’s the case, congrats–you’re close to meeting up.

These days, most online daters are quite familiar with DateID. But for anyone new to it, you can share this link to explain how ID verification works:

Here’s how to proceed.

Share via chat, text or email

The easiest way is to simply pass on your unique DateID username or profile URL. It will be

You can share it via chat on the dating app, or through text or email. Anyone can see your profile once they have the link.

To find your share link: If you’re on your phone, log in and click on the green “SHARE PROFILE” button. Then copy the link.

Below is my profile, as an example. The blue badges and check marks show that I’ve completed ID, age, location and photo verification. You can see the green button in the upper right.

When you click the button it will open a window where you can copy your URL.

Please note: If you’re on your computer you won’t see the green SHARE button, but you can still share. Just copy the URL from your browser.

And here’s a real example of me sharing it on a dating app.


Add your DateID profile to dating apps

Proactively sharing your ID on dating apps can help you get more matches, and real-life dates.

Here’s why it helps…

With so many fish in the sea, matching with desirable singles on dating apps can be hard. What’s even harder is getting people to reply to your messages and then agree to meet you in person.

The dating market is highly competitive and unless you look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, you need to do everything you can to stand out.

Not to mention that everyone wants to know they can trust the person on the other end…

So add your DateID profile URL to your dating app profile, and upload your watermarked photo(s). We sent you a watermarked photo in your welcome email right after you signed up.

How to access more watermarked photos

You can download an unlimited number of watermarked photos from within the website, and upload them to dating apps.

To access your photos, just tap on your profile photo. If you’re logged in, click here.

Select the photo your and then tap the green “DOWNLOAD” button. Voila, a watermark will be added.



Does someone have to be a DateID member to see my profile?

No. The person you share it with does not need to be a member of DateID to see that you're verified. If they want to see all of your photos and social media info, they need to create a free Bronze account.

Can you link my profile to someone else?

No. There's no profile linking on DateID. What would be the point? Anyone asking you to link your profile directly to their profile is likely scammer.