Location Verification

Why verify your location?

Location, location, location. It applies to dating as much as it does to real-estate.

Location is the number one predictor of whether or not people will meet, so it’s no wonder that it’s at the top of the list of things digital daters are dishonest about. 

Verifying your location goes a long way to build trust online. Your love interest will surely appreciate seeing that your location has been verified, and may be more likely to meet you in person.

How it works 

Verifying your location seems simple enough, but from a technology standpoint, it’s harder than you’d think. This article will help you get things sorted out, so that you can get the blue checkmark next to your city and state/province. 

If you’re already a Gold Member and have completed ID verification, we will manually verify your location and add the blue check mark. Just type “paying customer” into the chat window below, and follow the prompts.

How to fix location verification errors

If you can’t verify your location, the most common causes are:

  1. You entered a county or state, without a city
  2. You’re on-the-go
  3. You’re more than 20 miles away from the location you entered
  4. Your computer or phone is connected to a server that is far from your location
  5. Your phone or computer accidentally denied us access to your location (if your browser never asked for permission to share your location, this is likely the culprit)


Here’s how to troubleshoot the situation:

  1. Try a different device (phone vs computer)
  2. Try being both connected to and disconnected from WiFi
  3. Try a different location altogether. A cafe or your workplace, for example.
  4. Disconnect from any Virtual Private Networks

If none of this works, the most likely cause is that the server your phone or computer is connected to is far away from you and outside of the Geofence we’ve cast on your location.

If you’ve ever seen a location show up in an advertisement or weather report on your computer that shows the wrong location, it’s the same thing.

You can try moving to a different physical location, like your office, especially if it’s in a more urban area. But, this does happen in both rural and urban area. If that doesn’t work, we are very sorry. Again, we will fix this manually if you are a paying customer.

How to Change Your Location

Go to your Profile Settings and click on the “pin” icon. Then type in your location, save it and verify it.