Fixing ShuftiPro

How to get verified with ShuftiPro

DateID’s ID Verification feature is powered by ShuftiPro, the industry leader in consumer identity verification. ShuftiPro is extremely reliable and most users complete the ID verification process without difficulty.

That said, uploading your drivers license and taking a selfie to verify your identity is not as straightforward as you might think. There are very complex technological processes happening behind the scenes, and with hundreds of devices that the technology needs to be compatible with, things do occasionally go wrong.

If ShuftiPro verification isn’t working for you, we apologize. The good news? You will be able to resolve the issue and complete ID verification within minutes using the troubleshooting tips below.

Everyone eventually gets it to work.

Did you follow the directions perfectly?

We have to ask. The honest truth is, the majority of people who do not successfully get verified made one small mistake along the way, usually because they were moving too quickly through the process.

Try slowing way down and reading everything through, to make sure you’re following all the steps perfectly. Review the list of common mistakes, and how to correct them, further below.

Common mistakes

Here are the things that go wrong most frequently.

Your photos are blurry or have bad lighting

This is the number one reason it fails. Photos taken with inadequate lighting or a shaky camera will often fail. Try again during the daytime in bright light.

You will have better luck on your phone than your computer, because it has a better camera and it won’t shake in your hands. Place your drivers license or passport on a flat surface for the photo so that it does not shake in your hand.

Try taking the photos in advance

Depending on your device, you may be able to take the photos before you begin the verification process, and then upload it from your photo album rather than take another one in real time. This can make things easier. Your device will give you the option to take a photo or upload when you have already taken. Be sure to pick the one that you’ve already taken.

Your Facebook birthday is wrong

If the birthday you gave Facebook is different from the birthday on your drivers license or passport, ID verification may fail. We start with the DOB you gave Facebook, and if your drivers license does not match you can’t get verified.

Contact us to request via the chatbot and request we update your birthday.

You didn’t upload a photo of the back of your ID card

Sometimes ShuftiPro will ask you to upload a photo of the back of your ID card. It’s easy to accidentally skip this, or upload another photo of the front. If this happens, the process will fail.

Everyone eventually succeeds at getting verified, so don’t give up!

If you’ve tried it all and it’s still not working, you can request a refund


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