Technical Support

Self-serve Support

Self-serve tech support is available via our Support Bot and the troubleshooting FAQs on this page. 90% of users are able to resolve their issues using these resources.

Priority Support

Priority Support is available to paying customers via Live Chat. If you’re a Gold member, type “paying customer” into the Support Bot. Then enter your username, profile URL, and question.

Once we’ve verified that you’re a Gold member, a real human will get back to you within two business days. Meantime, you can still use the Support Bot to get instant answers and solutions.

Why do I get an error when creating an account with Facebook?

This is a frustrating bug on the part of Facebook. Here are some common things that can trigger the bug, and solutions for you to try.

1.You do not have an email address or profile photo associated with your Facebook account.

2. You just created a brand new Facebook account to join DateID.

3. Sometimes Facebook has problems with certain phones and computers.

4. You have a slow internet connection.

5. There are multiple Facebook accounts on your computer’s browser.

Here are things you can try. Most of the time one of them will resolve the issue, so please try them all.

1. Create a DateID account on a different device or with a different Facebook account.

2. Delete and reinstal the Facebook app on your phone.

3. Log in via your phone’s browser instead of the Facebook app.

4. Log in and log out of your browser or app

5. Add an email and photo to your Facebook account (if applicable).

6. As a last resort, you can always just create a new Facebook account to use with DateID

Why can't I verify my location?

If you can’t verify your location, most likely your server or IP address is outside of the geofence we’ve set (out of our hands). This one can be tough to fix, but we have put together a detailed help article on it. Note that you don’t have to verify your location to level up Gold and get your ID.

If you’re a Gold member, and you have completed ID Verification, we will manually verify your location and add the blue check mark to your profile. Just type “paying customer” into the chat not and follow the prompts.



How can I change my location?

We first get your location from your Facebook profile, as you may have figured out. If your Facebook location was outdated, your DateID location may be incorrect. You can edit this in your Profile Settings, in the Facebook section. The same applies to your hometown.

Here’s how it looks on a phone.

I created an account with Facebook but it isn't me...?
If you can log in with Facebook but the person isn’t you, there’s a fatal error with your Facebook account. Your account has not actually been hacked, even though it does appear that way.

Most unfortunately, there’s no way to fix this. You’ll need to delete your DateID account and start fresh with a brand new Facebook account. Sorry about this. It’s Facebook’s fault.

When you start over, you’ll need to be logged out of your old Facebook account entirely, including the Facebook app, Messenger, and your web browser.

How do I upload, download, edit or delete photos?

To manage photos, go to your Profile Settings

Then, click on your profile photo to open your photo albums. Photos are organized by social media source. You may have to filter to find the one you want.

To delete, select the one you want to delete, and click on the trashcan icon in the lower right.

You can also upload photos directly to the album from your phone or computer. When looking at the thumbnail display, click the blue”upload photo” button at the bottom of the screen.

If you’re trying to get your photo verified, note that it will have to be a recent photo taken by your camera. You also have to upload it via Firefox or chrome. Safari does not work, as it strips the date away.

To save a photo as your profile photo, once you’ve selected the photo you want, hit “save”.

How do I request a refund?

We have a money-back guarantee and will gladly refund you.

Note that if you cancel your Gold membership, we will also need to take your profile down. So before you proceed, consider this: Thousands of men and women visit DateID daily to check up on their dates. Most of them do it anonymously. You’ve already completed ID verification and leveled up to Gold. Are you sure you don’t want to look your best when your next love interest searches for you on DateID?

You’re much better off showing up as a verified Gold member than not showing up at all. Your verified DateID profile is good for a lifetime and there will never be any other charges to your account, so why take it down?

If you’re still sure you’d like us to cancel your Gold membership and get a refund, please complete this short form and we will get right on it. Refunds are always processed within a few days but may take 5-10 days to show up on your credit card.

Again, please be aware that your Gold DateID profile will be deleted, as we have no way to downgrade you back to Silver or Bronze (sorry). You can always sign up for free again, though.

Why can't I verify my drivers license or passport?
Can you send me a physical ID card?
Once you’ve leveled up to Gold and completed ID verification, we add a blue verification badge to your profile. It looks like an ID card.
There’s no need for a physical or virtual card of any kind. They are easy to counterfeit/forge, but there’s no way to create a fake DateID Verified profile. We don’t issue ID numbers. Since everyone gets a unique username, it would be redundant to have an ID number.
Most DateID members simply share the link to their profile and/or their DateID username. If you encounter anyone who does not accept your DateID profile as a valid form of ID verification, they are scamming you. More here:
Can I create a DateID account without Facebook?

Sorry, no. You will need to use Facebook to sign up for DateID. 

When you sign up for DateID, we need your name, location, gender, date of birth and a profile photo in order to verify you. Facebook is a quick-and-easy way to provide this information, and works great for most people.

If you’re in a small minority of people who do not use Facebook, we hope you will consider creating an account to signup for DateID. Just go to

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, please complete this short form we’ll get it done within three business days.

You may be wondering why you can’t just delete your own profile. We’d prefer to have it that way too. Previously we allowed this, but it resulted in platform abuse. We had too many people deleting and creating profiles over and over, to get unlimited free credits.

Why can't I connect Instagram?

This is a bug that was recently caused by a change Instagram made. We are actively troubleshooting it and expect it to be resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How can I share my profile?
Most DateID members simply share the link to their profile and/or their DateID username.

You can copy the link and then send it via text, email or right on a dating app.

Share dateid profile
Why are women rejecting my DateID profile?

If you’ve leveled up to Gold, DateID is the gold standard for dating verification. Everything else is a scam.

If anyone is rejecting it and saying you need any other kind of ID, such as a hookup ID, meetup ID, safe dating ID, or anything that sounds similar, we’re sorry to inform you that you’re being targeted by scammers.

Do not give anyone payment of any kind.

Please review this article to learn how the scam works:

Then learn more about romance scams:

And learn how to background check your dates:

We track these scams, which are constantly evolving, and would appreciate it if you’d send us specifics on the scam you’re caught up in. Please include any websites or URLs people have sent you.

Why is there someone else with my name and info who isn't me?

DateID has hundreds of millions of records, internationally. Most of them are not actual DateID members. If you have a common name, there will potentially be dozens of profiles with your name.

If you are already a member, and you’ve found non-member profile that appears to be you, you can “claim” the profile. Here’s how:

  1. View the full profile, like you’re screening someone (your first 3 are free so you should not have to pay. If you’re out of freebies it will be $0.99).
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click the button that says “claim this profile”. Here’s how it looks.

claim DateID profile button

It will only work if your Facebook account ID is the same as the Facebook account ID attached to the non-member profile. Otherwise, anyone could claim anyone’s profile. If the two match, your member profile will be merged with the non-member profile.

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